Turning Forward

A magical tale about ambition, order, love and learning when to turn. (2022)

by Liz Aab.

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About the book

Anne Kesheen walks into the office of the somewhat omniscient narrator and demands to be in a book. The narrator works in Central Order headquarters with access to the File, a confidential record of everything that has ever happened anywhere. When Anne authorizes rare access to her personal Memories too, a deal is made: the book begins.

Now in a book, this driven, competitive twenty-something woman sets off to live a “good life,” whatever that means. But as she journeys from her native New York City to the dreamy ski slopes of California and the icy foreign mists of Midland, what a “good life” means changes – as does Anne. By the end, Anne will have achieved what she set out to do, of course, just not at all in the ways she had expected…

Turning Forward is a magical novel at the border of science and fiction, about love and independence, order and change, and, unexpectedly, finding the easy way forward.

File under:

  • Personal transformation
  • Societal development
  • Meaning of life

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